Block 1 constitutes a general introduction that intends to present the distinctive features of the aerospace environment, from both civil and military perspectives.

Projects in the aeronautic and space domain present specific features that have to be taken into account in the management process. Block 2 will present all the fundamental tools and techniques dedicated to project management and how to adapt them to the particular aspects of aerospace project management in civil or military environments.

From the definition of company strategy and Research and Development programs to the evaluation of the economic impact of projects, block 3 will introduce the student to all the economic aspects of project management (i.e. industrial economy, innovation management, market structures, project funding, business modelling, etc.).

The main objective of block 4 is to understand and to master the multicultural project team management strategies. Integrating skills and managing the knowledge within a project team require remarkable insight into the question of groups and human behaviour. The impact of multicultural and multidisciplinary features of a team needs to be understood in order to make all the members of the team work together effectively.